Just blew it? (Again!)

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Over the last few months, controversy seems to be dogging global sportswear corporation, Nike.

In a previous blog, I wrote about Nike allegedly withdrawing sponsorship from athletes who became pregnant (Don’t do it! published on 17 May 2019).

The Corporation is again in trouble over its latest version of the Airmax trainer. This product was released to coincide with the USA’s Independence Day celebrations on 4 July.

Good marketing strategy? Alas no: the trainer had an American flag on it. What’s the problem? It was the Betsy Ross version of the Stars and Stripes – a version of the Star Spangled banner which was misappropriated by the the American Nazi Party.

Arguments that the Betsy Ross Flag represents the original British Thirteen Colonies which broke away to form the United States of America has cut little ice. Even Colin Kaepernick, the African American Football star (whom Nike backed in a previous ad campaign) has condemned the Corporation for promoting racism.

So, to add to problems over pregnancy discrimination, we now have Nike in the middle of accusations of racism and anti-semitism.

Just do it! More like just blew it!

A link to a story about Nike’s latest misstep on the Sky News website can be found below:

Offensive’ tennis shoes taken off shelves by Nike selling for £2,000

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